IMPACC Clients What's New Coming Soon was created to deliver world class occupational health online courses for the prevention of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (MSD s) in the workplace. Back Injury, Cumulative Trauma DisordersOffice Ergonomics and Safe Patient Handling injuries cost the US economy hundreds of billions of dollars each year and devastate millions of human lives.

Our unique approach to occupational health back injury prevention and MSD injury prevention has been presented in thousands of workplaces across North America through a network of physical and occupational therapy health care professionals. Since 1984, our focus has been research and development of back injury prevention and MSD injury prevention solutions for health, business and industry.

IMPACC USA, publisher of the IMPACC Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (MSD) Injury Prevention Programs produced these web based employee online courses for the prevention of back and upper extremity MSD injuries. Our occupational health, multimedia, interactive courses encourage employees to take an active role in preventing MSD injuries and improve their overall health and are written for employees at all levels of education.

The Back Injury Prevention, WorkSmart Neck-Arm, WorkSmart Office Ergonomics and WorkSmart Safe Patient Handling I online courses make an excellent tool for new employee orientation. New employees are often at the greatest risk of MSD injury, trying to fit in and pushing their bodies to perform work that they are not yet conditioned to do.

Feel free to browse our site and learn how our web based or site licensed occupational health online courses can help you or your company prevent MSD injuries, claims and costs.

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