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The IMPACC Back School Employee Training Program takes a unique approach in preventing work-related MSD's of the low back. It is a comprehensive risk factor education process that addresses the broad spectrum of risks that accumulate to cause the low back to fail. Coupled with the latest lifting techniques, it is a proven methodology that works.

All of our programs are written in Flash and have full audio, animations and interactivity. The programs are independent of computer platform and can be viewed on virtually any computer with a web browser. The programs can be delivered in real time on the web or on CD with a site license for use on corporate intranets.

The course begins with a login using the students name and password purchased for each seat. The student is guided through the programs with an easy to use interface complete with clickable help screen. Each program has hot-linked words to a printable glossary, complete written transcript, course notes and bookmarks. The course can be completed in multiple sessions if necessary and the courseware will ask a returning student if he/she wishes to begin where they left off.

Each chapter has a non-scoring quiz to re-affirm course material. The courseware has completion based testing so that the student must visit each screen in the course before they can take the final exam. Upon completion of the final exam a Certificate of Completion can be printed with the students name, final exam score and password (for record-keeping).

In addition, the student can print the at-work and at-home exercises which are in Adobe .pdf format for compatibility with most computer systems.

Employee Back School

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Course Outline

Back Injury: The Problem
How Does My Back Work?
Back Injuries
Causes of Back Injuries
Preventing Back Injuries
Preventing Back Injuries at Home
Home Exercises
Stretching on the Job
Making It Work For You
Final Exam


Number of Seats Price Each Currency
1-49 18.00 ea. $US
50-99 16.00 ea. $US
100-499 14.00 ea. $US
500+ 12.00 ea. $US

Site Licenses Available. Please call for more information.

How to Order

Click here to order online by CC or call :

800-762-7720 in continental United States
(207)-695-3354 Outside US

We accept Visa, MC,AMEX,DISC and written POs with approved credit.

Our terms are Net 30

Order Process

Once you have placed your order either with a Credit Card on our secure server or by telephone you will receive an email receipt with an attachment. This attachment contains your passwords. The passwords can then be issued to the employees and they can go to and click on "Take A Course” at the Home page and take the course . There is one password for each "seat”.